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The company "RECORD-WERKE Ernst Hess GmbH" began with the production of components for machine tools and gas-lighted switchgear in 1889.

The increasing diffusion of gas street lighting in Germany and Europe began with the expansion of production of pressure wave switchgears.
As part of the changeover from city gas to natural gas, end of the sixties, the trend continued with the installation of pressure shaftless switchgears, for operation with pilot flame. In 1968 Mr. Friedhelm Trapp begins as a manager in the RECORD-stations and accepts these after leaving the company owner 1974th

Shortly afterwards, the production program was expanded through the acquisition of the company KALIN (electric ignition of gas lamps). An elementary change in the program structure was the extension to the entire production of outdoor lighting using historical models for the electrical and gas operation. While it used to only elements of gas street lighting so now started with the manufacturing of complex of electrified street lights on the establishment of the German and international markets. With the addition of modern street lighting and street furniture elements in the product range, the company underwent a comprehensive expansion.

As a modern version, we offer our lights also with the latest LED technology and obtained by the used of us form and light color of the LED fixtures from mantle and remote detonators replica the tradition and connection to gas lighting upright. Looking for new ways in production and sales, the company had in 1990 settled in the Polish market and manufacture, amongst others, for the Eastern European market. Also in the field of rehabilitation, repair and reproduction of historic lamps and lighting ensembles we now conquer us another line of business. So we may as call the restoration of Friedrichsplatz lights in Mannheim as an outstanding reference.

Today we are known as a reliable supplier in many German cities, municipalities, and the corporate and private customers in Germany and abroad known. There are, for exampel intensive business relations to Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain. Throughout our more than century-old tradition has enabled us to be able to establish ourselves as a permanent fixture on the street lighting and road design sector.

Some of our suppliers:

Fa. Carl Loos